Xena Darkwater

<General profile>
Name: Xena Darkwater
Tribe: Darkwater(Former), Children of the Sun(Current)
Age: 169(Eorzean March)
Family: Liana Darkwater(Elder Sister), Xenaliana Darkwater(Mother,Deceased[Current rebirth evil])
Sexuality: Pansexual
Wealth: Moderately wealthy
Occupation: Dancer at Apollo, Knight-in-training for Crystal Order Academy
Home: Living quarters at her Darkwater Haven(Free Company Estate), Personal Apartment in Kobai, Shirogane
Just a viera who is an introvert for the most part. If you like the darkness, you may get along well.
If you're the pompous sort, dont expect to get much from her. Tell me your secrets, I may tell you mine.
Specializes in protection of others as well as a deep aetherial understanding.
You might know her if you are a voidsent or a halfling. Even reapers may know her possibly through their voidsent connections.
Usually is wearing glossy black satin clothing which favors skirts and dresses primarily. Seldom will she be in anything else.
Favors black in terms of colors but also dons crimson or purple/violet pending mood. Oft has many rings and necklaces on her person.
Personality: A Domme-leaning switch. Arty loves to bind people up for her pleasure and amusement. If you seek to be closer, beware.
Always have to be careful what you wish for lest you wind up being a bondage doll to her for life. Tightly so.
When not employing such, her demeanor is generally calm and collected. Oft quiet unless spoken to first. Most will need to approach her first.
Loves a good brawl. The more savage, the better. Always gets excited in battle especially in such savagery fights. The thrill of a lifetime.
OOC: I'm generally open to walkups. Tells work as well if you are interested in RPing with me. I'm usually never doing anything constructive.
I enjoy a lot of the Dark/Mature themes. So jump at me if keen to start any dark storylines.
Player is 25+ so no freaking out about anything explicit with a minor. I don't dig that way. If you come to me to play judgmental A-hole at me, likely will just be ignoring/blocking you. I care none for those who wanna play RP police on characters I developed over many years. Im generally passive and a bit shy due to social anxiety. So please bear with me and have patience. I have been trying to adapt on being more socially active due to alot of hardships with people in the past. If you wind up removed, dont take it personal. Such removal is likely due to lack of association and interaction observed over a period of time. And I will only try soo much on establishing such time before it is deemed a lost cause.
Contact info:
Discord: XenaDarkwater#7865
Steam: RainaliStilldawn
=Final Fantasy 14=
Mateus: Artemis Havenflame, Rainali Stilldawn, Liana Darkwater, Louanna Highwind, Gabrielle Petronius
Twitch: Twitch.tv/xenaliana
Battle.net: Enchantress#11965